Breed: Andalusian mare with Passport, without pedigree.
Colour: Grey Born: 1st May 2005

Height 163cm

Ridden:  In basics, very good trekking horse with lots of strength and stamina. She is a willing horsein the riding school.

Character: Manchita is the dominant mare and makes very good friends with males from the middle range and up. 
She has a lovely, tender and friendly attitude which makes her wonderful to work around and handle in the stable tacking up and riding.

Manchita feels very well the riderĀ“s level of experience, which means that she will be careful and rather calm and slow with a beginner and more enthusiastic, forward going with an advanced rider.

She has been working as trekking horse at Los Caballos del Mosquin for 3years now without a day unfit for work.
Microchipped, vaccinated, regular teeth revisions and deworming program.

Wears shoes on the front legs. 

Price:  2.000 euros incl. 21% VAT

Video of Manchita ridden in the school